Editorial Board


台灣心理諮商季刊 (Taiwan Counseling Quarterly)

編輯委員會(Editorial Board)

     Editor in Chief: Wang, Chih-Hung (National Changhua University of Education)

     Board of Editors:                                          

             Bai, Ya-Mei (National Yang-Ming University)

             Chang, Ching-Jan (National Changhua University of Education)

             Chang, Chuan-Feng (Kaohsiung Medical University)

             Chang, Chueh (National Taiwan University)

             Chang, Kao-Pin (National Chiayi University)

             Chang, Sue-Hwang (National Taiwan University)

             Chao, Shu-Chu (National Changhua University of Education)

             Chen, Chiung-Ling (Chung Shan Medical University)

             Chen, Fei-Jean (National Yunlin University of Science and Technology)

             Chen, Qiu-Yan (Southwest University for Nationalities, China)

             Chen, Fang (University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A.)

             Chen, Mei-Hsiang (Chung Shan Medical University)

             Chen, Ping-Hwa (National Taiwan Normal Univesity)

             Chen, Shang-Lung (National Changhua University of Education)

             Chen, Yih-Fen (National Taichung University)

             Chen, Zeng-Tang (Tongji University, China)

             Cho, Wen-Chun (National Kaohsiung Normal University)

             Chou, Wen-Mei (University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, U.S.A.

             Deng, Chi-Ping (National Changhua University of Education)

             Fan, Fu-Min (Tsinghua University, China)

             Feng, Hua (National Changhua University of Education)

             Han, Bu-Xin (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

             Hsia, Yun-Chung (National Kaohsiung Normal University)

             Hsiu, Hui-Lan (National Chengchi University)

             Hsu, Shao-Ling (National Chiao Tung University)

             Hsu, Wei-Su (National Taiwan Normal University)

             Hsu, Yu-Kuang (National Hsinchu University of Education)

             Hu, Chung-Yi (National Taipei University)

             Huang, Shen-Kuei (Tunghai University)

             Huang, Tsung-Chain (National Changhua University of Education)

             Hung, Fu-Chien (Chung Yuan Christian University)

             Hung , Jui-Ping (Chinese Culture University)

             Hung, Li-Chu (National Taipei University of Education)

             Hwang, Kwang-Kuo (National Taiwan University)

             Jiang, Guang-Rong (Central China Normal University, China)

             Jia, Xiao-Ming (Beijing Institue of Technology, China)

             Jin, Shuh-Ren (University of Macau, Macau)

             Kao, Shu-Ching (National Chiayi University)

             Ko, Chih-Hung (Kaohsiung Medical University)

             Law, Fang-Mei (School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences, Tiffin University, U.S.A.)

             Lee, Tsung-Chin (National Chengchi University)

             Lee, Wei-Lun (National Dong Hwa University)

             Lee, Yu-Chan (National Taipei College of Nursing)

             Lee, Yueh-Ting (National University of Tainan)

             Li, Jia-Ru (Hsin Sheng Junior College of Medical Care and Management)

             Lian, Rong (Fujian Normal University, China)

           Lin, Chao-Cheng (National Taiwan University)

             Lin, Ching-Jen (National University of Tainan)

             Lin, Ching-Wen (National Changhua University of Education)

             Lin, Mei-Feng (National Cheng Kung University)

             Lin, Miao-Jung (National Chi Nan University)

             Lin, Wei-Fang (Taipei Municipal University of Education)

             Lin, Yi-Cheng (National Taiwan University)

             Liou, Ming-Chiou (National University of Tainan)

             Liu, Chia-Yih (Chang Gung University)

             Liu, Chu-Li (Tunghai University)

             Liu, Shih-Min (National Kaohsiung Normal University)

             Liu, Shu-Hui (National Changhua University of Education)

             Lo, Huei-Wen (Kaohsiung Medical University)

             Mar, Chun-Lin (National Pingtung University of Science and Technology)

             Ouyang, Wen-Chen (Changhua Christian Hospital, Lu-Tung Branch Hospital)

             Pai, Chien-Ju (National Changhua University of Education)

             Qian Ming-yi (Peking University, China)

             Sang, Zhi-Qin (Nanjing University, China)

             Shie, Wen-Yi (Shih Chien University)

             Shieh, Lih-Horng (National Changhua University of Education)

             Sun, Sung-Hsien (National Taipei University of Education)

             Sze, Tat-Ming (University of Macau, Macau)

             Tsai, Su-Miao (Ming Chuan University)

             Tsai, Tai-Fen (New Era College, Malaysia)

             Wang, Ching-Fu (Chung Shan Medical University)

             Wang, Hao-Wei(Taiwan Institute of Psychotherapy)

             Wang, Ming-Hung (National Changhua University of Education)

             Wang, Nan-Mai (Chung Shan Medical University)

             Wang, Yi-Chao (National Dong Hwa University)

             Wang, Yi-Han (National Changhua University of Education)

             Wei, Jun-Hua (National Taitung University)

             Wu, Chih-Yi (National Chiayi University)

             Yang, Ming-Lei (Tamkang University)

             Yang, Wen-Sheng (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)

             Yeh, Kuang-Hui (National Taiwan University)

             Yen, Wen-Jiuan (Chung Shan Medical University)

             Yoshikawa, Reiko (Tokai University, Japan)

             Yu, Hon-Yei (National Taiwan University)

             Yue, Xiao-Dong (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

             Zhang, Hai-Yan (East China University of Political Science and Law, China)

             Zhang, Xi-Chao (Beijing Normal University, China)

             Zhang, Xue-Xin (Fudan University, China)

             Zhao, Ran (The Central University of Finance and Economics, China)


           Translation Consultant:

             Deng, Chi-Ping (National Changhua University of Education)

             Lin, Lydia (National Changhua University of Education)


          Assistant Editor:

             Lin, Chien-Ju    Chang, Yun-Ming

            Editor Assistant:

             Lu, Chao-Hsien   Wang, Wei-Tin


            Editorial Board Organization - Terms and Conditions

            Taiwan Counseling Quarterly

            Department of Guidance & Counseling, National Changhua University of Education & Taiwan Counseling Net


             The Board consists of one Chief Editor.

             The Editorial Board recruit members with a four-year term to participate in the editing and review process

             The Editorial Board consists of one Editor Assistant and two Assistant Editors for the administrative work

             involved in the editing of Taiwan Counseling Quarterly.

             The terms and conditions take effect as the date of the approval or amendment of the Editorial Board meeting


             Operational Guidelines for the Editorial Board


             The Operational Guidelines are developed by the board members to facilitate the editing and review process

             of Taiwan Counseling Quarterly.

             Taiwan Counseling Quarterly is an academic journal published quarterly with at least three papers per issue.

             Papers are published in chronological order of acceptance. Submissions will be reviewed within 2 months of receipt.

             All submissions are reviewed under a process where both the authors and the referees are kept anonymous.

             Editorial board members shall refrain from making a recommendation of the reviewers for manuscripts authored

             by themselves.

             Based on the reviewers’ comments, the acceptance of the final the submission is outlined as follows:

Final Decision

Reviewer A

Accept as is

Accept after revision

Re-review after revision


Reviewer B

Accept as is

Accept as is

Accept after revision

Accept or re-review after revision*

Include a third reviewer

Accept after revision

Accept after revision

Accept after revision

Accept or re-review after revision*

Refer to a third referee

Review again after revision

Accept or re-review after revision*

Accept or re-review after revision*

Reject or re-review *

Reject or re-review *


Include a third referee

Include a third referee

Reject or re-review *



                     * Decision rests with the Chief Editor based on the quality of the submissions and the referees’ comments.

                Guidelines in regard to review and copyright issues shall be developed by the Editorial Board to facilitate the

                paper review process.



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